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Little Leaf Linden, Tilia cordata, a LARGE TREE, grows slowly to between 50′ to 70′.   There are several historic 100′ tall  specimens on display at the New York Botanical Gardens.. 

Please find our Little Leaf Linden to the right of the gazebo at the Dumont Shade Tree Arboretum.

The Little Leaf Linden has shiny heart shaped leaves, and can look similar to the Callery Pear when it is young.  However, that’s where the similarities end.

It will grow very slowly which provides nice hard wood with a fine grain.  The wood is useful for carving ornamental pieces such as the alters in medieval European churches. 

The lovely scented flowers in June attract bees and butterflies.  Linden Tea is made from these flowers.  Linden Honey is said to have medicinal properties.

This stunning beauty is sturdy, tolerates our suburban environment very well including drought. It has very few problems such as the Callery Pear exhibits.  For this reason, it is an ideal street tree or ornamental lawn tree. It will give a lifetime of cool shady pleasure with very little trouble.

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