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Red Bud

Planted May 2009. A Medium Treee, growing between 25′ to 50′ tall at maturity.

Red Bud Tree, Cercis canadensis is a native of North America, beloved for the vibrant early spring blossoms and shiny heart shaped leaves in summer.

A Red Bud Tree will mature between 25′ to 50′ tall, about as high as a house.  Plant in full sun or under taller trees, in dry or wet conditions. It’s a great lawn tree and tough as nails street tree.

Look for our Red Bud Tree between the flagpole and the Gazebo.

The Dumont Shade Tree Commission has approved the Red Bud Tree (M) for the Adopt-A-Tree Program.  To Apply for an Adopt-A-Tree, contact Borough Hall, or Click Here.

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