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Planted in 2009 as one of 15 trees to establish the Dumont Shade Tree Arboretum.  A Large Tree, it will grow well over 50′ at maturity.

Zelkova, Zelkova serrata is a classic vase shape tree spreading up and outward elegantly.  A native of eastern Asia from China to Japan and south to Korea, this traditional shade tree is fast becoming a well loved American import.

Deep, dense shade will cool off at least 15 degrees in it’s shade in the hot summer.

As a lawn tree or as a street tree, it puts up with road salt in the winter and drought in the summer… all while providing a home for birds!

Look for our Zelkova north of the Gazebo.  Can you see a bird’s nest this year?

The Dumont Shade Tree Commission has approved the Zelkova (L) Tree for the Adopt-A-Tree Program, but not under utility wires!  To Apply for an Adopt-A-Tree, contact Borough Hall, or Click Here.

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