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2016 Arbor day was a tremendous success – the Dumont Shade Tree Commission is very grateful for the support from everyone in the Borough. Special thanks to: Mayor Kelly for the proclamation and kicking off the ceremony. Sue Connelly for translating
our hard work onto the official proclamation. We value your help. Kathy Schaefer for answering our official Borough questions and keeping us on the right track. Mary Winner for being the voice an face of the Commission to the citizens. The value you add in handling the Shade Tree is immeasurable. Councilman Louis DiPaolo for being our advocate within the Borough government. I know you will continue to speak for the trees! Steve Cavadias and Patty Rusch for adding your expertise in handling the Borough ordinance. I am grateful for your advice and council. Chief Faulborn for the great work of the Dumont Police Department – we count on you to protect and serve the citizens and protect the trees! And special thanks to Bill Ebenhack and all our partners in the DPW. We could not have the positive impact on the Borough without your consistent support and good nature.2016 Arbor Day is in the books, but the work continues throughout the year, “Caring for trees today, planting trees for tomorrow.”