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by resident Una Grey-Guihan—Four years ago I requested a tree from the Dumont Shade Tree Committee. I have enjoyed every season since with my Crepe Myrtle. We all know the environmental reasons to plant trees, but the most surprising perk is that it has been the starting point of conversations. Neighbors and strangers pass by and admire my adopted tree, especially at this time of year. Unlike most trees, this lovely myrtle blooms at the height of summer, adding a color accent to the green canvas of July and August. People ask what type of tree it is and a friendship is born. Sometimes fleeting but always joyful. Some give it a sniff, checking to see if it is a confused or mutant lilac, blooming out of season. But this myrtle knows exactly what it’s doing and when to do it for all to enjoy.

For more information on Adopt-a-Tree please visit http://www.dumontshadetree.org/AdoptaTree.htm