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The Arboretum hosts many pollinators, and other wildlife.




In 2015 the Butterfly Gardens were started with a special effort to plant NECTAR and HOST perennials and annuals to attract butterflies, bees and birds to the Arboretum.  The earliest bed was at the Jackie D’Angelo Memorial Rock, and plantings have spread since then to other beds throughout the arboretum.

Did you know that many trees are host to butterflies also?  Check out

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 Monarch Butterfly Host Plant

The Gardens include the Butterfly Weed, which is the only host to the endangered Monarch butterfly.  As it migrates north from Mexico in the spring, this plant is the only host the Monarch will use for raising it’s young caterpillars.  There are several species (varieties) for planting, the native Asclepias tuberosa,  is shown here.  As Asclepias become popular, commercially available cultivars are coming on the market such as the Asclepias incarnata “Ice Ballet” planted in 2017 at the North Bed #11.   Learn more about the Monarch Butterfly:



In 2017, the arboretum received the honor of becoming a Certified Wildlife Garden by the Bergen County Audubon Society.

You can apply for your garden to become a Certified Wildlife Garden too!

The requirements are FOOD, WATER, COVER, and PLACES TO RAISE YOUNG.

Apply at the Bergen County Audubon Society.

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