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March Seminar: The DSTC sponsored an illuminating and important seminar on the topic of Global Thinking/Local Action presented by environmental advocate Dr. Tineke Thio, PhD. She explored the science and myths surrounding climate change and discussed how individuals and local communities can make a difference. Climate change and extreme weather has been a growing concern whose effects are being seen all around the world. Severe droughts, more powerful storm systems, and rising sea levels are a concern for everyone. She highlighted what we can do as individuals and as part of a local community that can have a positive effect.

April Seminar: Residents and guests were treated to an informative evening—Natural Gardens & Plant Demonstration: Presentation by Tom Bender, of the Thielke Arboretum in Glen Rock (www.glenrockarboretum.org.) Tom brought several plants and shrubs to the event and explained how native plants can enhance any garden with minimal work and upkeep!
NOTE: Attendees of the Seminar Series are eligible to receive Continuing Education Credit Units (CEUs.)