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Thank you to Jennifer Anderson at the Metropolitan Farm in Closter who donated this wonderful Dwarf Alberta Spruce to the Dumont Shade Tree Arboretum. As you walk this space, you can visit and learn about the trees that live in the arboretum. So what is this tree? Maybe you can consider one for your yard! “The dwarf Alberta spruce, also known as the dwarf white spruce, is a popular, slow-growing, dense conifer that is widely available at retail and garden centers throughout the US. The tree will eventually grow 10-12 feet high but takes 25-30 years to reach maturity and is hardy in zones 2-6. With soft, light green needles and a pyramidal form, the Alberta spruce provides a unique vertical `structural accent´ to the landscape. The Alberta spruce can handle high winds, cold temperatures, heat and/or drought periods. Specialty pruned spiral or sheared forms are also available. In addition, the dwarf spruce is occasionally selected as a container accent planting.”