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Green Neighborhood Program

Dumont Shade Tree Commission is accepting applications from specific neighborhoods to participate in the Adopt-A-Tree program. If accepted, certain homes within a chosen neighborhood will receive a new healthy 8-12’ tree. The Shade Tree commission will purchase and plant these trees at no cost to the homeowner. There is a catch, however; a minimum of 4 homes in the neighborhood must apply for the trees in order to be considered for the program.

Once the trees are planted the homeowner must agree to water and watch over the new trees.

Simple as that. Interested in seeing your street become a Green Neighborhood community?

Call us or send an email to let us know you want to be a Green Neighbor. Limitations and restrictions may apply. Planting trees in the Borough Right of Way is the sole responsibility of the DSTC. Planting subject to available nursery stock. Green Neighborhood program administered by DSTC while supplies last.