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 The Dumont Shade Tree Commission was honored to host Hackensack Riverkeeper Bill Sheehan at our 2017 DSTC seminar. It is fitting and appropriate in the 20th anniversary year of the Hackensack Riverkeeper organization that Captain Bill came to Dumont to talk about the pressures facing the water-shed and what can be done to ensure a healthy and thriving community. The event was a huge success; was well attended and most enjoyable and informative. Captain Bill’s passion for the river and your commitment to environmental justice is an example for all of us in the community. It was a call to action to protect all our shared natural resources. The Dumont Shade Tree Commission is grateful to the Hackensack Riverkeeper organization to continue our shared goals and make our community a better place. We thank the Riverkeeper, Captain Bill for all he does to save our watershed. Our trees help keep our water clean and flowing. There were questions asked and answered by a very engaged group of residents.